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 This Virtual Enterprise online store is for educational purposes only (2022-2023 – Legacy Corporation).

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About Us

Legacy Corporation is a technology startup that produces, markets, and sells The Phoenix, a personal holographic projector. The company is headquartered in Corona, New York and operates as an S-Corporation. 

Phoenix Functions

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3D Display

The Phoenix uses LiDAR technology to capture attention with stunning 3D images and seamless interactivity that allow users to zoom in, out, and around with intuitive ease.

Product Purchase

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2 by 5 inch exterior 

The Phoenix utilizes a two inch height and a five inch diameter base 

3 Detachable Cameras

synchronized and placed in advantageous positions around subjects for filming in three dimensions (3D).

Image by Dynamic Wang


Light detection and ranging or laser scanning, to refine 3D images for a combination of images that look, authentic.

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Proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

used to continuously scan and generate image renderings for obstructed or obscured images.

Set it up

Place camera's on each 90 degree angle of a square, Phoenix being a camera.

Our Team.

Our organizational structure is a traditional one, made flexible by small, cross-functional teams. The four-level organization was designed to lead to faster decisions, satisfied customers, and happier employees. Legacy Corporation is led by President and Chief Executive Officer Esha Loknath.

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